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4 Ways Seniors Can Enjoy Exercising Indoors

Posted by Michael Watson on Nov 6, 2018 3:02:00 PM

Two seniors side by side doing crunches indoors

Seniors often believe that there isn't a need to exercise anymore. According to the United States Department of Health & Human Services, only 28 to 34 percent of adults who are between the ages of 65 and 74 are physically active. This needs to change, and working out from home can be the stepping stone many seniors need to get back into shape. If you or a loved one is looking for ways to get in a workout from home, here are a number of helpful ideas to get started.

Home Gyms

While a bit more expensive, seniors who are ready to get back into a serious workout will do well with a home gym. Home gyms allow seniors to start out at a level they are comfortable with and add resistance as they get stronger. They also offer a large variety of workouts for every body part.


Stretching can be done with or without resistance bands, but many seniors find the use of bands easier on their muscles. There is nothing else you need to get started stretching, and seniors can improve their balance and mobility by performing various stretches every day.


Push-ups are helpful for seniors who wish to strengthen their biceps, triceps, and shoulder muscles. Push-ups can be done down on the ground or against the wall for those who may have problems getting up and down from the floor.

Stability Ball Exercises

A stability ball offers seniors a fun and easy way to enjoy a strength-training exercise that will help them regain their balance. For seniors who are a bit unstable and concerned about balance, completing the exercises with the ball against a sturdy wall will help.

And if you need more ideas, check out our infographic on exercises for seniors to help with balance. 

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Topics: Senior Fitness

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