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More Uses For our Friend Vinegar

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Sep 12, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Lemon-LR.jpgHere at Caring Senior Service, we are always on the lookout for easy, practical ways to help our seniors lead more healthy, enriched, and full lives. We have lately discussed so many uses of vinegar as it relates to uses by our seniors, but it seems that more and more uses rise up once we scratch the subject. So in keeping with what is quickly becoming an extremely popular subject for us, here are seven more uses for this affordable and versatile liquid you likely have in your cabinet right now: 

  • Mixing three parts water to one part vinegar is a quick and practical way to wash the nasty pesticides off of your produce before cooking with it. This can prevent health issues that some pesticides are known for.
  • We all love our furry four-legged friends, but sometimes cats will do their business where we don't want them to; namely, in sandboxes where our children and grandchildren will play. Some vinegar around the edges of the box every few months will deter them. 
  • Dry, cracked feet are a common problem for many, but are much more serious for the diabetic.vinegar foot soak with cool water will help heal those cracks before they can develop into anything more serious. 
  • Studies have been done that show that vinegar can lower our bad cholesterol while raising our HDL if added to our diet. 
  • Many supplements and medications prescribed by our doctors can lead to chronic halitosis, and vinegar combats it effectively due to the high acidity content. 
  • When you're using vinegar as a mouthwash, you might also notice that it will whiten your teeth due to the acidity content. 
  • If applied directly to age spots and blemishes, vinegar will begin to reduce visibility in just a few days. If you rub it on a bruise, it will likely show improvement as soon as overnight. 

At Caring Senior Service we are always ready to help seniors and their families by providing professional advice and services. As you consider ways to give support to your aging parents or relatives, consider including us in your plans. Contact our care team today!

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