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Stay Young at Heart by Dancing

Posted by Michael Watson on Sep 18, 2018 2:58:00 PM

Cute elderly couple dancing at home

When we think about exercise for seniors, we think of leisure walks or maybe even yoga. But disco goers in South Korea are proving that dancing is not just for the young, but the young at heart. There are around 1,000 "daytime discos" in the country that cater to seniors and are open well before the sun sets. These discos are an affordable, safe place for seniors to get out of the house and stay active. Disco staff even help pair up reluctant and shy dancers, ensuring that everyone has a great time. Besides being just plain fun, there are several reasons why dancing might be an excellent activity for your loved one.

Budget Friendly

There is no special equipment to buy or gym memberships to pay. Besides a comfortable pair of shoes, all you really need is some music and a little floor room! Look for low-cost or free dance classes at your local community or senior center.

Great Way to Reminisce

If your loved one danced when they were younger, you might be surprised how they remember the dance steps from their youth. Dancing also opens the door to recalling fun memories. What were their favorite songs to dance to? Who did they take to prom?

Keeps You Steady on Your Feet

Falls are a significant concern for many seniors and their families. In a recent study conducted in Germany, seniors had improved balance after 18 months of dancing. By dancing, seniors can engage muscle groups and improve their balance over time.

Connect with Others

Dancers can socialize and be around others without the pressure of keeping up a conversation. When everyone is laughing and moving to the beat, shy seniors will be less self-conscious and ready to have fun themselves.  

Dancing is a beneficial activity for people of all ages. For more resources on helping your loved one stay active and healthy, contact us today.

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