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What to Do in the Event of a Senior Fall

Posted by Alyssa Ball on Nov 20, 2018 3:05:00 PM

Helpless senior woman who has fallen on the steps LR

According to the CDC, 800,000 seniors are hospitalized per year due to an injury that occurred during a fall. As caregivers, it is easy to panic when the senior in our care takes a tumble. Knowing what to do in the event of a fall is the first step to getting them up safely, for the both of you. Here are some tips. 

Before we begin, remember that the senior in question will need to be strong enough to support their own weight as they rise. The caregiver is there as support and guidance, not to lift them completely. If the senior cannot get up on their own with your guidance, call 911. Additionally, if there is excessive bleeding or possible broken bones, do not hesitate to call for emergency personnel.

If they insist they do not need outside help and can get up on their own, follow these steps:

  1. Proceed slowly after the fall. If the senior needs to stop and take a breath, let them. Rushing them could hurt them even more.

  2. Use a chair or other stationary piece of furniture to help them stand up. Place the chair or object in front of them.

  3. Position the senior so that they are on their hands and knees, as comfortably as possible. Use a small towel to support their knees if they are feeling pain in them.

  4. Have the senior bring one foot in front of them into a lunging position. From there they should place both hands on the chair in front of their body.

  5. Help them up and into the chair slowly and steadily. Alternatively, place another chair behind them to lower them back into if they have problems twisting their body around.

  6. Keep them seated until you are both sure they are able to walk on their own again. If they use a walker or cane, have it ready for them before they stand up.

  7. Keep an eye out for problems that may appear after the fall. It often takes hours or even days for an injury to become apparent.

At Caring Senior Service, we want to help seniors prevent falls because they can be so dangerous. Review our Fall Prevention Fact Sheet for more information. 

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Topics: Fall Prevention, Senior Safety

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